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One day at a time.

About Us



India’s first Individual centered practice-platform to engage with the process of learning and exploring self. 

HBA is a creatively-led, not-for-profit, social enterprise focusing on delivering psychoeducation through creative mediums, well-being practices backed by research, online therapy and counseling assistance. 

“All things driven by honest purpose reach the destination.

We live in a big world and there’s traffic, be patient and beep only when necessary.”


Farm Aavjo is under construction

A conscious stay, located along Pushkar's Aravali hills.


Heal Community


Hear The View

What can you expect from Healletters?

Hi, I'm Anshika, and every Wednesday I drive through 4 quick-witted stops, if you decide to join me, here's what you can expect -

The first stop is reflective journaling, 

Next, a stroll for something new,

Then, some sense and silliness

And finally, back to life for self-work.

(read time: 3-5 min)

The aim is to build gratification and curiosity,

to practice and include them in our way of living.


Welcome on board, it's going to be a slow and amusing ride!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

A weekly drive to learn yourself.

Good work! You'll read me in your mailbox next.PS: Don't forget to check your spam folders.


Jayati, Delhi

As someone who isn't quite active on IG, HBA daily prompts are something that I look forward to everyday. It's just the sheer simplicity and care that's poured into creating everything, which I love.


Arshiya, Jodhpur

The consistency with which HBA keeps reinventing itself has  added a zeal and vigor to my life, showing me how to go on.


Padmakshi, Jaipur

The podcast episode "Romance with Intuition" and the exercise conducted was particularly interesting as it made me self-reflect and contemplate about what I want to do and what I was doing.

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