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I think we are fish

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“We all are pretending, each day, new personalities"

If my first year would have been a production, the core idea would have been this. You enter college and there is cultural shift and shock.

"Fuck, can’t do it"

Somehow I did it.

Digital art by Tanishq Pant

College was all about me trying to explore myself in disappointing ways. Someday I would try to gain attention, some day I didn't want any. Some days I would learn a lot, some days were blank.

I realized college became theater for me, I belonged to a space, but the space was still learning and changing and so was I.

I was very intimidated.

I think we are fish, big or small or with evil teeth; but we are fish. And college is an ocean of all. The best thing is we don't know which fish we are. And then we meet other fish and we realize we might be the one with evil teeth.

Mind you, college and theater are synonymous. I was never here to learn syllabus(ed)-education.

Life is beautiful though. You sweat a lot, you also lose weight.. And hair. Or you grow hair to give certain aesthetics to your personality.

"We exist because we resist"

Theatre is a powerful tool. It gives you confidence to fight. You are no longer aloof of the world. You see trees and they wave at you. You see the sun and it smiles at you. You see a chair and you make a hand pump, a city with it.

But you also see an artist and their hypocrisy.

Theatre is a privilege. And we should be aware of it. The Delhi circuit is elite, I am a part of it. I am trying to change but I am very much a part of it.

We don't listen, we only speak. And that is why we also disappoint

"They were pretending or maybe Idk"

Now there are two months left. Because that is how the pandemic skipped 2 years. We missed two years of college. And while we paused, the time didn't.

But I am happy because I am working with people that I see hope in. I feel I can do it and maybe disappointments were obstacles to reach here.

This is continuous writing, Ramjas and theater are a circle.

Hey, leave a comment for Jai and let him know your thoughts, bring a smile on his face and stimulate his brain. hehe.

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