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I'm getting out of bed

Read the View by Anshika Rathore

Quieter than yesterday.

My body has finally begun getting out of bed.

My head feels heavy and desperate to sleep back.

Lately it has been about the mornings.

Morning rituals that my students used to write down when asked.

I was a teacher back then.

Now, I’m also a student of the same teacher.

A strange man once said I’m an addict of pain.

It is very important to understand ‘well being’ for yourself, the other way is to fall prey to the system that is aggressively growing, deteriorating.

And if asked, how many of you would choose to be the Prey and not the Predator?

I go places with people when I hear them, each word has immense strength and I cannot help it, I have tried.

I believe I have a super power and lately change has been about learning the limitations of this power.

How far can your curiosity take you is interesting, but how far are you ready to go and leave people and things behind?

I guess everything has a price.

Change is not easy. It sounds simple and sometimes boring and crazy.

To bring any kind of change, there’s only one way.

Start. Begin. Initiate. Create.

Change begins with you in motion. One action at a time.

Be present, stay humble and make curiosity a friend, maybe beloved.

I hope you get to experience wisdom, pain, and crazy love.

Love is the fuel to everything.

I try to love strangers more than one ought to.

No regrets at the same time.

Alright, sometimes I regret it.

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