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I like my women like I like my money

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I did not know what it is like to be woman until I met women who I could relate to and call friends.

It was like a fresh breath of air, I mean I was so far surrounded by men.

Little did I know what I was missing out.

Don't misjudge me yet, I do like my guy friends. But there's some deeper sense of emotion when it comes to women being friends. Naarishakti Zindabaad? YES PLS.

It doesn't float around on the surface, it's beautiful and impactful as a Bindi.

Delicate and strong like Heels.

It shimmers like the Highlighter and it's bold like my Kajal.

It's deep and mysterious like the vagina, not everyone can grasp the beauty of it.

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I feel lucky to have come across this phase of womanhood.

All I can say is,

I like my girls like I like my honey,


a little selfish

I like my women like I like my money,


a little jealous.

Hey, I love the analogy used by Shruti here. Don't shy away from leaving a comment for Shruti and don't run away from women who seem crazy.

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