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Process. Practice. Progress.

"Heal's Instagram page is not a product page. It's a community space that I've been building

with people since July 2020."


Hey You!

Do you have superpowers? I have two.

First, I enjoy solving problems.

And second, I don't feel gloomy being with people who are sad.

After spending three years of college practicing theater (while technically studying English Literature),

I believe art has the power and potential to help us understand ourselves and others.



Over time as we get to know each other, you will find me doing multiple things, I'm all over the place...

But I hope you see a link in whatever I do - the sheer value of taking action.

To solve a problem - you don't need the answer. You need the will to look for it.


Everyday is a gift to be better, grow and serve. 

While we're on this journey, some roads will be bumpy, but it’s worth it when YOU are driving the car.

Do you want to join the community space?

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